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last update : August 30, 2021

Bed Thread

What are Bed Threads?

Bed Threads is an Australian business that offers 100% French Flax Linen sheets for linen. They provide free supplies throughout Australia along with many alternative payment options, including Afterpay and ZipPay.

Bed Threads are pleased to provide beautiful soft linens for the ordinary person at an affordable price. They produce their flax fibers from France, and the sheets are produced in China under fair trade conditions. This enables them to produce cheaper plates since the cost of manufacturing is reduced. It still has lovely, good linen, but it’s cheaper! You will notice how open they are about how their sheets are produced when you go to the website. It’s really nice to discover an enterprise so transparent about its methods since several in China still pretend to produce textiles in Europe.

In New Zealand, we have a wide variety of linen plants that are grown for textile manufacturing. Once these flaxes are harvested, they undergo extensive washing, drying, and combing the fibers before spinning.

Bed Threads will be able to use this processing center locally to have zero waste & low carbon emissions on the transport of raw materials from overseas factories. We choose 100% New Zealand linen not because it is cheap but because we want to participate in growing this wonderful resource as part of a circular economy – making sure nothing goes to waste and, when the time comes, recycling our products instead of sending them off into landfill or down the drain.

More about linen sheets, bedding & covering: Bed Thread:

Bed Threads provides an opportunity to create a sheet to your liking. “Build your own bundle.” With more than 17 distinct colors and sizes from double to super king.

Each set has a built-in sheet, two covered pillows, and a cover for the bowl. The bedding systems are no longer hazardous. They have been verified.

Who is better for:

  • Hot sleepers who are looking for a certain color sheet.
  • People who want their fitted and flat bedding in various sizes.
Quick Bed Thread Information:
  • Sheets of French linen produced completely
  • Direct from the supplier to the client
  • 17 distinct colors are to be selected.
  • You may mix and match both colors and sets.
  • Double to super-king linen sizes.
  • $240 to $320 for a package (depending on size)

Design and Construct:

All bed linens are 100% pure linens. So we prefer to examine the GSM rather than worrying about the thread count.

What is GSM? What is GSM? Great question. Great question. Simply put, GSM represents grams per meter. The greater the GSM of tissue, the thicker it is. Translation:

100% French linen bed threads are 170 GSM. That’s the reason? It is the perfect weight to ensure that your bedding becomes soft, cozy, and long-lasting from when you use it.

While linen is definitely in style, Europeans like it for decades; according to Vogue, “the bedding accessory of the day.” Apart from its soft, buttery, and breathing characteristics, linen is low-fuss & appears slimmer in the summer & warm in the winter. So you can tell ironing farewell.

The linen stain is not only durable but also durable. It is very durable. This is because linen with flax needs less water & fewer chemicals to be grown than others. All plants are used and are renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

Bed Threads are also a 100% carbon-neutral business, meaning that as far as feasible, we monitor, decrease and compensate for greenhouse gas emissions by making the company’s contribution to environmental conservation and protection. Furthermore, Bed Threads are pleased to be plastic-free so that when your head on the pillow, you may feel comfortable about your green choice.


$230 – $340


Our pure 100% French linen set in Rust makes the entire bed seem like the cool side of the pillow, pre-washed and built to endure, and comes equipped with all the material you need to sleep comfortably trans seasonally: two pillowcases, a couch, and a fitted sheet.

Looking for methods to revitalize your room? Take a fresh new bed set in Rust with 100% flax linen.

Rust will inspire warmth and vitality into any attractive, pre-washed, and temperature-controlled atmosphere for softness. Remembering the breeze of summer nights and windy evenings, this colored fireplace is the way to go year-round – thanks to our linens that insulate winter time and cool in the summer.

The feeling of the pillow is soft and firm at the same time. There are three sizes, Standard, Queen, King. They have different weights for each size. The Queen weighs more than a standard 12×20 inches bed sheet. Even though it feels like there are more wrinkles on the pillow than fabrics of other kinds, it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or stiff when you lay your head on them because they are both soft and firm at the same time.

Product Performance:

Linens are an understated need that will be of service for you for years and get better in the time and use as your favorite pair of jeans or most convenient white t-shirt. Your new linens will stay beautiful in the years to come with many simple maintenance instructions:

  • Wash your beds using a light fluid detergent to preserve the fibers, either in lukewarm or cold water.
  • Choose a mild cycle if you can machine your bedding to wash.
  • Wash and don’t overload your machine with things of the same color together.
  • Put your linen on a cool setting to dry naturally or dry the machine.

What’s the greatest thing? The natural texture of Linen will provide a comfortable but polished touch to any room… Moreover, night after night, it’ll assist you in getting that elusive zzzs. This pillow has a very firm structure which helps to keep your head in place while you sleep. You don’t have to worry about flipping from one side to another when you’re using this pillow because they will always stay straight up – thanks to its unique shape.


Conclusion: Bed Threads is an Australian company that offers 100% French Flax Linen sheets for linen. They provide free supplies throughout Australia along with many alternative payment options, including Afterpay and ZipPay. The linens are produced in China under fair trade conditions. You deserve to be comfortable at home! Get your new bedding today from one of the best sheet companies in Australia-Bed Threads! And don’t forget to use our coupon code Slumberwithme for a 10% discount on all orders over $150*. *Only valid until stocks last.”