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last update : August 30, 2021

Why buy Brooklinen Pillows?

Brooklinen Pillows Review

Down and down alternative pillows are among Brooklinen’s most popular products. Canadian White Down is used to make Brooklinen down pillows. There are three hardness levels to choose from plush, mid-plush, and firm. The white down fills the soft down cushion entirely. The mid-plush and firm down pillows, on the other hand, have a feather core that provides a significant degree of firmness and support.

Because of the use of 100 per cent shaved microfibers as a filler, Brooklinen’s down substitute pillows imitate the feel of a pure down pillow. Moreover, the down-substitute pillows, like the down pillows from Brooklinen, are available in three thicknesses: “plush,” “mid-plush,” and “firm.”

Brooklinen’s pillows are all wrapped in a 100% cotton shell and their pillows are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic, relieving sleepers of worries about undesirable bacteria development and allergies.

Overview Of Brooklinen Pillows

ModelsDown Pillow FirmDown Pillow Mid PlushDown PlushDown Alternative FirmDown Alternative Mid PlushDown Alternative Plush
Shape retentionGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGood
Temperature Neutrality GoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGood
Odor Potential AverageAverage  AverageGoodGoodGood
Weight Excellent ExcellentExcellentGoodGoodGood
Ease of cleaning Average Average Average AverageAverageAverage 

What Sleeper Is Best Suitable for Brooklinen Pillows?

The experience a sleeper has with a pillow is often determined by his or her body weight and desired sleep position. While Brooklinen Pillows have received the following evaluations from sleepers of various weights and position preferences based on owner experiences and product research.

Please check our pillow recommendations for side, back, and stomach sleepers for more information on sleeping positions. Therefore, Brooklinen pillows are designed to be a pleasant balance between soft pillows for sinking into and hard supporting pillows for optimal spinal alignment.

To get the most out of your Brooklinen pillow, pick one that corresponds to your favourite sleeping position therefore, for stomach sleepers, for example, the “plush” pillow is suggested. Simultaneously, a side sleeper is urged to get a Brooklinen Down or Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow is “firm.”

Design and Stability

The down and down substitute pillows from Brooklinen are wrapped in a 100 per cent long-staple cotton casing. The cotton exterior has a 400 thread count, resulting in a smooth and pleasant to the touch sleep surface. Their pillows are also double-stitched for added durability.

The Brooklinen Down Pillow is made with Canadian White Down clusters obtained from Hutterite farms. Although advertised as a down pillow, it is essential to remember that the purity varies according to the hardness level selected. And the “plush” pillow, for example, is made entirely of fluffy down clusters. Meanwhile, Brookline’s “mid-plush” down pillow has a dual-core of feathers wrapped by down. The “firm” option likewise features a dual-core; but, unlike the “mid-plush” pillows, the “firm” pillow cores contain 86 per cent feathers. The Down Association of Canada has approved Brooklinen Down Pillows.

The Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow, meanwhile, effectively replicates the feeling of a pure down pillow due to its high-quality microfibre filling. These ultra-fine synthetic fibres provide a hypoallergenic sleep environment while giving sleepers the feeling of relaxing on a soft down cushion.

All of Brooklinen’s pillows are also treated with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial. Ultra-Fresh is EPA registered in the United States, BPR compliant, and OEKO-TEX approved. The chemical inhibits the development of germs while also extending the life of Brooklinen Pillows.

There are three hardness levels available in three stiffness options: “plush” (soft), “mid-plush” (medium), and “firm.” The amount of feathers in the pillow’s centre determines the firmness level of Brooklinen Down Pillows. By making these changes, Brooklinen is able to offer sleepers more firmness options than would be possible with a pure down pillow.