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last update : August 30, 2021

Pottery Barn; the Furniture Solution

What is Pottery Barn:

pottery barn

Founded in 1949 and renowned for its variety of home furnishings, Pottery Barn is a Californian business. Pottery Barn provides a variety of sheets in complement to other bedroom products, like towels and comforters.

We will look closely at four of the most popular sheet set from Pottery Barn to help you decide which sheet set may be perfect for you. Both sets feel and function differently, so it is essential to grasp their variances and similarities before making your choice.

Pottery Barn provides Organic Percale & Essential Satin Sets; for consumers who are interested in cotton blades. the business developers the Tencel Sheet Set as well as a Belgian Flax Linen Set. Many characteristics vary from set to set, including weaving, color, and available sizes.

The most significant difference among the sets is the quality, feel, and function. Finest Organics Percale & Essential Satin Sheets are woven with 100% long-staple cotton; using a durable inter-lock weave that is wrinkle-resistant.

Pottery Barn Design and Construct:

Because of the materials and structure of a sheet set, its performance and feel are among the most significant factors for selecting bedding. The top sheet of Pottery Barn has a variety of materials and patterns.

Organic Percale:

Certified by GOTS; this slab set is composed of organic cotton; which is extremely breathable and provides great temperature neutrality. The percale weave, a crisp, lightweight design popular with individuals who sleep warm, underlines this characteristic. Although thread counting is not the main reason to choose a plate; the 400 thread count of this set provides a fluid sensation, which can be resisted and made smoother with time. The weight of this layer is 5.5 ounces, and its dimensions are 88″x107″. It does not contain any extra fillers or synthetic materials and provides a soft yet crisp feeling.

Perry Rose:

This pattern is characterized by tiny stripes that create a “candy stripe” effect that complements the rest of the design. The stripe pattern doesn’t go all the way across each piece, which gives it an appearance of depth in contrast with other sets. Another look you can choose from is a solid black color on the part and white stripes for another part. In addition to being visually interesting, this layered design helps regulate body temperature throughout the night without overheating or becoming too cold at any given time during your slumber.

Belgian Flax Linen:

At Pottery Barn linen is a natural fabric, like cotton, which likes to sleep cool because of its breathing qualities and wiping capacity. These lightweight textured sheets are manufactured from flax produced in Belgium; which gives a crisp sensation that smoothes with time. Linen is a very durable, anti-pilling fabric. Flax bedding is hypoallergenic too.

The Threshold™  Aurora cotton sheets are manufactured from high-quality, long-staple Egyptian cotton; with a flax, layer sandwiched in-between to help your body maintain optimum sleeping temperature. These sheets are available in four colors – buttercream (off-white), silver (gray), gold, and claret.

Color: Silver

Thread Count: 330 TC

Material: 70% Egyptian Cotton/ 30% Flax Linen~$219 for King set & $129 for Cal. King Set / Available at The Company Store Online. Also available at The Company Store outlets such as the one located in Downtown Los Angeles, CA!

*Details of these luxury linens were provided by The Company Store Customer Service Representative


This sheet is completely composed of Tencel lyocell in a sateen tissue and makes the textile feel soft. Tencel tends to be breathable, winding and is thus an excellent choice for those who are likely to sweat overnight. The silky drape of Lyocell helps to reduce wrinkles, but there is no strong sense of some sleepers wanting from a pair of sheets.

Essentially Sateen:

Sateen-woven cotton sheets have soft fabric and a little brightness that is pleasant and appealing for many sleepers. This set should still be quite cold, owing to the cotton breathing capacity, but warmer than cotton sheets with a percale fabric. The set counts 300 threads, yet the sateen fabric and high-quality cotton make this set softer than some rivals with greater counts of thread. The set is extremely soft when you feel it, and the texture on the skin is a favorite for many sleepers.

The Best Cotton Sheet Set:

For those who need a bright cotton sheet to enhance their bedroom decor, the Dormeuse Mandarine sheet set offers an alternative to sateen-woven sheets. It has both a percale weave and a silky satin border found in many luxury hotels. The color of this set can match any scheme, from classic ivory white to farmhouse chic. Even with plenty of colors available, there are still other color choices within this range and some additional choices, including organic cotton and linen natural blossom sheets.


Pottery Barn 400-Thread-Count Organic Percale Sheet Set$129
Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set$279
Pottery Barn Tencel Sheet Set$199
Pottery Barn Essential Sateen Sheet Set$79


Pottery Barn products are considered the best in their respective categories. The product’s high quality enables it to provide customers the comfort they are promised from the brand.

The Pottery Barn’s 400-Thread-Count Organic Percale Sheet Set; made from 100% organic cotton grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, and the lint is compostable. The sheets are designed to be breathable; ensuring that you stay cool even when sleeping under covers at night. These unique organic sheets are sturdy and durable offering strength and longevity over many years of wear.

These sheets have been washed prior to shipping; they arrive in perfect condition right out of the box. These percale sateen sheet sets will keep you comfortable all night long with their wrinkle-resistant fabric which ensures your bed looks fresh every morning.


If you’re looking for a new bedding set, Pottery Barn is the place to be. They have an assortment of sets in various colors and materials that are perfect for all types of consumers. From Belgian Flax Linen to Tencel Sheets – there’s something here for everyone! Be sure to check out their latest coupons before shopping so you can save on your purchase today.


Are Pottery Barn organic linens worth purchasing?

The market for organic sheets is increasing as the product passes a sustainability criterion, and the outcome is enduring durable bedding. Bio-based bedding from Pottery Barn fulfills all these requirements and is of excellent quality. The Global Organic Textile Standards have approved the organic sheets of Pottery Barn. This certification indicates that the product underwent a strict inspection procedure to guarantee its quality and organic origin. In this case, organic implies that fibers used to weave the product are produced without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides; are collected following the rules, and kept in the non-organic components without cross-contamination.

Since the cloth is produced without pesticides, no chemicals trace components on your sheets are detected. Nobody would want to put their faces on a bunch of chemicals, of course. No wonder these pesticide-free, pigment-free, non-chemical, bleach-free sheets also have hypo-allergenicity. Asthmatic is an excellent option for organic cotton. These biodegradable sheets are thus not used to space a deposit; they may break apart in as little as two weeks if you eventually get rid of them. They’re organic. This does not, however, imply that they do not endure long. Bio-based sheets are really very resistant and wear and tear. All this implies that you assist the environment and reduce global warming by buying them while receiving excellent products from a trustworthy US business. And after that, who wouldn’t sleep better?

How is the quality of Pottery Barn organic sheets?

Bio sheets from Pottery Barn are a product of excellent quality. Many sheets are branded as ‘organic,’ but there is no compulsory certification for textiles, unlike food certification. However, the GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard only certifies environmentally friendly producers that use sustainable and fair-working methods. This accreditation is optional, and something Pottery Barn is doing with their whole line of organic products. The accreditation implies that the cultivation, processing, or woven materials are not cut corners. This produces a hypoallergenic and elegant product that is soft, chemical, and pesticide-free. GOTS guarantees that the product complies with rigorous standards globally and that quality sheets are eco-friendly. Pottery Barn ensures that you have a range of design solutions from their 80 organic pieces. The prices of these organic cotton sheets are reasonable, and thread count, along with the quality of the goods, will offer luxury.

How long are organic sheets of Pottery Barns?

Between six and eight years, most sheets remain in excellent condition. Bedsheets are wearing and tearing as a result of perspiration, dead skin cells. Biological sheets of Pottery Barn absorb moisture, wipe it off from you throughout the night and keep you cool and dry. This reduces the damage to the sheets. Not only is organic cotton ecological and biodegradable, but it is also very durable and handy. The fineness of the cotton fibers makes organic bedding very durable. Not only is organic cotton sustainable and biodegradable, but it also lasts exceptionally long. The natural fibers in the organic sheets of Pottery Barn produce a product that lasts more than eight years and can withstand synthetic and hybrid materials.