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last update : August 30, 2021

What are eLuxury Mattresses?

It is common for people to believe that a memory foam mattress would be prohibitively expensive. Still, the eLuxury 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress shows that this is not always the case.

To provide consumers with high-quality goods at rates that are often more affordable; than the industry standard, eLuxury has established an online bedding business. Although the company’s product range is always changing and developing; many mattresses are accessible to the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress, including:

Several materials are used in the comfort system of this 12-inch Gel Memory Foam & Latex Hybrid mattress; which sits atop an innerspring reinforcement core for maximum support.

On Amazon, you can get a 10-inch “eLux” Memory Foam variant with a one-inch memory foam support layer that is thinner than the standard model.

Many customers find that the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress meets their demand for deep contouring provided by memory foam; while not surpassing their budgetary constraints. This mattress, which has a three-inch memory foam support system; provides the pressure alleviation and movement isolation that so many sleepers look for in a new mattress.

Our evaluation goes through the important aspects of this mattress, including its construction, price, and performance; so that you can choose whether or not it is the best match for your particular requirements and comfort preferences.

Design and Construct:

Because construction affects the way, a mattress performs and feels; an important aspect of evaluating any mattress is taking an in-depth look at how it is constructed.

eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress features a straightforward design with two inner layers and a few decorative elements. The top layer, commonly known as the comfort layer, comprises three inches of gel-infused memory foam that provides exceptional comfort. A significant amount of contouring is provided by this foam layer; which results in a feeling that embraces the body and minimizes impact at pressure areas. The gel infusion has been designed to reduce the accumulation of heat that may occur in conventional memory foam products. As a memory foam comfort layer, this layer has a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot (PCF); which is somewhat under the average for a memory foam comfort layer.

The support core of the mattress is the second level of the mattress. It is made up of 7 inches of polyfoam as the foundation. This substance offers underlying support and helps to prevent the mattress from sinking excessively into the bed. 1.8 PCF is the density of the polyfoam, which is typical for a supportive polyfoam of this kind.

The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress’s cover is made up of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex; making it very durable. This mix gives you a flexible and silky feeling in your hands. To make washing simpler, the cover may be removed.

The mattress has a Moderate Firm (6) support feel; which is in the middle of the firmness spectrum suitable for most people who sleep on it.


Twin XL$799.99
California King$1,099.99


Mattress Motion Isolation

The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress performs above average in motion isolation, which is one of its main advantages. Memory foam comfortable layer has a strong capacity to compress just in the regions where weight is applied; which prevents movement from spreading over the surface of the mattress. This motion isolation may be a significant advantage for couples, particularly those with people prone to sleep disturbances. It can also make it simpler to sleep through the night.

Pressure Relieving Techniques

The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress has a comfort layer that can cushion proportionate to the amount of weight placed on it. As a result, it provides excellent pressure relief to the vast majority of sleepers. Memory foam is popular among individuals who suffer from acute pressure points because of its capacity to provide a customized feel that better fits the regions that need more support and comfort. This may reduce the amount of harsh contact on regions such as the shoulders and hips; but it can also assist in keeping the spine in a correct alignment.


This eLuxury mattress, like many other memory foam mattresses, may have issues with temperature control under certain situations. It is more difficult for air to flow around the body because of the contouring of memory foam, which causes the skin to heat up. Meanwhile, the foam itself may absorb heat, and as a result of this heat accumulation; it becomes softer, hugging the body even more tightly and thus limiting ventilation. The comfort layer of this mattress has been injected with gel in an attempt to slow down the pace at which it absorbs heat, but; it is still more susceptible to heat retention than other materials on the market today. Many individuals will not be bothered by the lower-than-average temperature regulation; but hot sleepers may find it a significant disadvantage in their sleep environment.

Support on the Periphery

Two features of memory foam, including those included in the eLuxury mattress, contribute to the lack of edge support in these mattresses. In the first place, the deep contouring of the foam is most noticeable along the perimeter of the mattress. Second, because of the sluggish rebound of memory foam, it is simpler to get the impression that the material underneath you is giving way. When sleeping or sitting close to the borders of the bed, the thick foam of the support core provides a strong foundation; nevertheless, the top three inches may feel a little unsteady at times. Consequently, the eLuxury mattress is rated as below-average in this area, which may be a concern for individuals who place a high value on edge-to-edge structural stability.

The ease with which one can move

Memory foam, which has a mix of considerable contouring and a lack of responsiveness, may give the impression that the sleeper is sinking into the mattress, which some people find uncomfortable. In other instances, people have described this as feeling as if they are sleeping in their bed rather than on the mattress, which may create difficulties when trying to move about in bed. When it comes to individuals who often vary their sleeping positions or who like the sensation of being able to move freely on their bed, an eLuxury mattress is not likely to be the best choice.


The eLuxury Memory Foam mattress is not the best mattress for sex because of its lack of bounce and fragility around the perimeter of the mattress. The sensation of being trapped in bed may make it difficult to move about on the bed, which some individuals find to hinder sexual activity. Although the memory foam’s softness avoids uncomfortable impact on joints during sex, its lack of responsiveness leads it to get a below-average grade in this area.


A mild stench may be detected when most mattresses are initially opened, but the eLuxury mattress has a distinct smell that is considerably stronger than the average mattress. The use of all-foam mattresses, particularly those with a substantial memory foam layer, is prevalent. The volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) cause the stench, which is produced during the manufacturing process and retained inside the plastic packaging when the bed is compacted. While the odor of the VOCs may be an annoyance, it does not threaten human health. It is also just transitory and should disappear within a few days, or even sooner if your bedroom is well-ventilated, depending on the circumstances.


Conclusion paragraph: The eLuxury 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a great option for those who want to experience the benefits of memory foam without breaking the bank. This ultra-affordable luxury bedding solution features gel-infused memory foam that provides comfort and cooling, making it an excellent choice during warmer months. If you’re thinking about upgrading your current mattress or are looking for a new one altogether, this model could be perfect for you! To find out more information on how affordable these mattresses can be, visit Slumberwithme today–they offer up some amazing coupons when checking them out online!


Is the eLuxury mattress harmful to your health?

Because the eLuxury mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, they are free of hazardous and toxic substances such as phthalates and ozone-depleting compounds. They also do not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde. More information on the materials used can be found in our independent evaluation of the eLuxury bed, which can be seen above.

How long will it take for me to be able to fall asleep on my new eLuxury mattress?

Even though your eLuxury mattress takes just a few hours to expand to its full size, as we discovered while evaluating it for our eLuxurySupply mattress evaluation, the folks behind eLuxury suggest that you let it rest for 24 hours before using it for the first time.

The eLuxury mattress is expected to arrive in a reasonable amount of time?

If you reside in the United States, you can anticipate your mattress to arrive at your door in 2–7 business days. It’s important to bear in mind that overseas orders may take a few extra days to arrive. More information on the conditions of sale can be found in our eLuxury mattress review, seen above.