Dream Cloud vs Nectar are two well-known brands that stand out when it comes to finding the best mattress. There is no doubt that both of these beds are very good and comfortable, but they are different in ways that make them appealing to different types of sleepers.

Which is better: Dream Cloud vs Nectar? Both are owned by Resident Home, a business that makes beds in a box. Because of this, you can easily order either mattress online and have it sent right to your door.

One big difference between the two names is how much they cost. When comparing Dream Cloud vs Nectar, Nectar is a cheaper choice that works for a lot of people, while Dream Cloud is a more luxurious hybrid mattress. One of these choices may be better for you depending on your budget and how much sleep you need.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dream Cloud vs Nectar are both good mattress names that are owned by Resident Home.
  • Dream Cloud vs Nectar both have affordable choices, but Dream Cloud has a more luxurious hybrid mattress.
  • You can easily buy both mattresses online, and they both come with a 365-night trial period and a warranty that lasts forever.
  • Nectar is better for people on a budget and for most sleeping positions. Dream Cloud, on the other hand, is better for heavier people who need greater pressure relief and cooler comfort.
  • When picking between Dream Cloud vs Nectar, think about your tastes, income, and sleep needs.

Nectar Mattress Overview

People in the US like the Nectar mattress name because their memory foam mattresses are comfortable. Their types include the Nectar Classic, the Nectar Premier, and the Nectar Premier Copper. Some of them are made of only foam, while others are a mix of foam and other materials. We will only compare the all-foam types for this purpose. DreamCloud vs Purple Mattress Comparison lets you compare these two well-known mattress brands and make an informed choice for your sleeping needs.

There are some changes between the Nectar Classic, Premier, and Premier Copper when it comes to firmness and price. All three are very comfortable and cool, though. The Nectar Classic is better for people who are on a smaller budget, while the Nectar Premier is better for people who sleep on their sides and need more air flow. For people who sleep very hot and want something that will last longer, the Nectar Premier Copper is made.

Nectar All-Foam Mattress Models

Here is a breakdown of the different Nectar all-foam mattress models:

ModelFirmnessPrice RangeFrom AmazonFrom Website
Nectar ClassicMedium Firm$659Buy Now Buy Now
Nectar PremierMedium$1,099Buy Now Buy Now
Nectar Premier CopperMedium Firm ‎$1,249Buy NowBuy Now
dream cloud vs nectar

We talked about the Nectar mattress brand and its all-foam models in this part. The Nectar Classic, Premier, and Premier Copper are all very comfortable and cool, so they can fit a range of prices and sleep styles. Nectar has a mattress for everyone, whether you’re on a tight budget, sleep on your side and need extra cooling, or sleep very hot and want a durable mattress. From here, let’s get into more specifics about the Dream Cloud mattress.

Dream Cloud Mattress Overview

The Dream Cloud mattress is a high-end hybrid choice that is a great deal for the price. It has both foam and innersprings, and the cover on top is made of a cashmere mix that is very soft. The Nectar beds are all foam, but the Dream Cloud has a more springy feel and is better for heavier people who need more support.

There are three different types of the Dream Cloud mattress, and each one looks and works better than the last. It’s priced similarly to other high-end hybrid mattresses on the market, and many people suggest it as a cheap alternative to well-known brands. With a trial period of 365 nights and a guarantee that lasts a lifetime, the Dream Cloud mattress is a great choice for couples and people who need more comfort and support.

Dream Cloud Mattress Features:

    • A hybrid form that combines innerspring and foam
    • The very soft top cover is made of a cashmere mix.
    • A buoyant feeling for bigger people
    • You can pick from three high-end types.
    • Compared to other high-end hybrid beds, the price is fair.
    • Trial for 365 nights and guarantee for life

    The following table shows the changes between the Dream Cloud mattress and the Nectar mattress graphically:

    FeaturesNectar ClassicNectar PremierNectar Premier Copper
    MaterialsHybrid (foam and innersprings)All-FoamAll-FoamAll-Foam
    Top CoverUltra-plush cashmere blendQuilted memory foamCooling coverCooling cover with copper fibers
    FirmnessVariable (depending on the model)Medium-firmMedium-softMedium-soft
    Cooling PropertiesGoodFairGoodExcellent
    Price Range (Queen Size)$1,199 – $1,499$799$1,199$1,499


    In the end, each of the Dream Cloud vs Nectar beds has its own benefits and features that make them better for different types of sleepers. A Nectar mattress is a great choice if you want a cheaper option that lets you sink in and feel comfortable. They can be used in a number of different sleeping situations and offer a soft, supportive surface for sleeping.

    The Dream Cloud mattress, on the other hand, is a luxurious hybrid choice if you are heavier and need more support and pressure relief. The foam and innersprings work together to give you a bouncy feeling and improve airflow for a better night’s sleep.

    Finally, the best mattress is a matter of opinion and relies on the person’s budget, personal tastes, and sleep needs. Both Dream Cloud vs Nectar offer long trial periods and guarantees, so you can find the perfect mattress for your comfort level and a great night’s sleep.


    How are Dream Cloud vs Nectar beds different from each other?

    The biggest differences between Dream Cloud vs Nectar mattresses are how much they cost, how they are made, and who they are made for. Dream Cloud has a more high-end hybrid choice, and Nectar is known for having affordable prices and comfortable all-foam mattresses.

    In what sleeping situations does the Nectar mattress work best?

    Most people can sleep on the Nectar mattress, including people who sleep on their back, side, or stomach. Its all-foam structure makes it a supportive and comfortable place to sleep no matter how you like to sleep.

    Is the Dream Cloud mattress good for people who are heavier?

    Yes, the Dream Cloud mattress is made to give extra support and deep pressure relief, which makes it a great choice for people who are heavy. The luxurious top cover and hybrid structure of this mattress make it feel more springy than all-foam mattresses.

    How long is the trial time for Dream Cloud vs Nectar mattresses? What is the warranty?

    It’s possible to try both the Dream Cloud vs Nectar beds for 365 nights to see if they are the right choice for you. Furthermore, both come with a strong guarantee period. Dream Cloud’s lasts forever, while Nectar’s lasts forever.

    Are the Nectar Premier and Nectar Premier Copper good for people who sleep hot?

    Yes, both the Nectar Premier and the Nectar Premier Copper are made to keep you cool, so they’re good for people who sleep hot. However, the Nectar Premier Copper is made for people who sleep very hot and has longer-lasting cooling qualities.