Getting a good night’s sleep depends on having the right mattress and pillow. That’s when MyPillow comes in handy. With a wide range of high-quality sleep goods like mattresses and pillows, MyPillow has made a name for itself by offering the best comfort and support.

Their pillows are the first thing we’ll talk about. Customers have given these pillows good marks for how comfortable they are and how well they relieve pressure. They have four different fill levels, which are grouped by color and range from soft to medium-firm. The pillows are made of 100% polyurethane foam and have a chopped polyfoam filling that lets them breathe better. Different fill amounts are designed to work with different sleeping positions, so everyone can find the right fit.

Let’s get into the review of the MyPillow mattress. You can choose between an all-foam mattress or a 2-sided encased coil cushion. Each mattress has a medium-firm feel and is carefully made to relieve pressure and support all sleeping situations.

The 10-inch thick all-foam mattress has three levels of foam: memory foam with gel, softbounce transition foam, and MyPillow support foam. Memory foam with gel in it keeps the mattress cool and relaxing by controlling the temperature. The softbounce transition foam helps keep your spine in a healthy position, and the MyPillow Mattress support foam makes the mattress last longer and supports the edges.

The 2-sided covered coil mattress is also 10 inches thick and has both foam and individually wrapped coils. It has a layer of soft support foam to relieve pressure and a layer of high-density hard foam to support your back well. The enclosed coils support the structure on their own and keep motion transfer to a minimum.

Both types of MyPillow Mattress provide the ideal mix of warmth and support, guaranteeing a sound night’s sleep and supporting proper spinal alignment.

Important Things to Know:

  • MyPillow pillows come in four different fill levels, from soft to medium-firm, so they can fit different sleeping situations.
  • There are two types of MyPillow Mattress : one with all-foam construction and one with 2-sided encased coil construction. Both types relieve pressure and support all sleep patterns.
  • The all-foam mattress has support foam, softbounce transition foam, and gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool, keep your spine straight, and make the mattress last.
  • The 2-sided encased coil mattress has foams and individually encased coils on both sides to relieve pressure, support the back, and block out motion.
  • The MyPillow pillows and beds are both made to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Levels of Pillow Fill and Materials on MyPillow

The MyPillow pillows are made to give you the best of both worlds: warmth and support. With four different fill amounts, each marked with a different color, it’s easy to find the pillow that’s right for you.

How Full My Pillow Is

You can choose from different fill levels in the MyPillow Mattress pillows, so you can find the right amount of support and loft for your needs. You can choose from these four fill levels:

  • Yellow is the softest fill level, making it great for people who like pillows that are soft and can be hugged.
  • White: A slightly firmer fill level that offers a good mix of softness and support.
  • Green: This fill amount is in the middle, so it’s comfortable and supportive for most sleepers.
  • Blue is the firmest fill level, which is best for people who need extra support and steadiness.

Materials for MyPillow

High-quality materials are used to make the MyPillow pillows so they last a long time and are comfortable.

The pillows are made of chopped polyurethane foam, which lets the pillows breathe better and gives them more shape and fluff. Because of their unique shape, these pillows can mold to your head and neck, giving you personalized support all night.

Plus, the pillows have a cover made of 100% cotton, which is soft and smooth against your skin. The cotton cover makes the mattress even more comfortable and improves the sleep experience as a whole.

MyPillow Mattress pillows are a great choice for anyone who wants a personalized and comfortable sleep experience because they come in a range of fill amounts and high-quality materials.

MyPillow pillows

Features and Technology of the MyPillow Mattress

A comfortable and restorative sleep experience is guaranteed by the MyPillow Mattress’ advanced features and technologies. The 2-sided enclosed coil mattress and all-foam mattress support different sleep positions and provide excellent pressure relief.

The 10-inch all-foam mattress has three layers, including gel-infused memory foam. This revolutionary foam moulds to your body shape and regulates temperature, providing a cool, peaceful sleep surface all night. The MyPillow support foam provides durability and edge support, while the softbounce transition foam aligns the spine.

A 2-sided encased coil mattress with a soft support foam layer for pressure reduction and a high-density firm foam layer for back support is an alternative. For shared beds, the individually encased coils support and reduce motion transfer. This 10-inch mattress perfectly blends foam layers and coil support for comfort and stability.

MyPillow Mattress comes in Twin to Cali King sizes to meet different needs. These mattresses are precision-made in the US and affordable, making decent sleep accessible to everybody. With a 10-year warranty and 120-day trial, MyPillow Mattress offers peace of mind and uninterrupted sleep.


What fill levels do MyPillow pillows have?
MyPillow pillows have four fill levels: yellow (softest), white (medium), green (medium-firm), and blue (firm).

The materials of MyPillow pillows?
MyPillow pillows include 100% polyurethane foam and shredded polyfoam fill for breathability and shapeability.

Are MyPillow’s pillows available in different sizes?
MyPillow’s pillows come in Standard/Queen and King sizes.

What are MyPillow Mattress features?
MyPillow Mattress provides pressure relief and support for all sleep positions with a medium-firm feel. They promote spinal alignment and a good night’s sleep with gel-infused memory foam, softbounce transition foam, and MyPillow Mattress support foam.

What MyPillow mattress alternatives exist?
MyPillow Mattress offers all-foam and 2-sided encased coil mattresses.

Does MyPillow Mattress come in different sizes?
MyPillow Mattress come in Twin to Cali King sizes.

How long is MyPillow Mattress’ trial?
MyPillow Mattress has 120-day trial.

The warranty for MyPillow Mattress?
MyPillow Mattress has a 10-year warranty.