Welcome to our in-depth analysis of Bear Mattress! Here is where to find the perfect mattress if you’re searching for a blend of support, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. Since its 2014 debut, the well-liked all-foam mattress company The Bear Mattress has been creating a stir. It seeks to significantly improve the quality of your sleep with its distinctive design and outstanding functionality.

In this review, we’ll be concentrating on the Bear Original, who is the show’s star. The two comfort layers on this mattress are what make it unique—they offer the ideal ratio of firmness to contouring. It might not be suitable for everyone, though, just like any mattress. There have been reports of it drooping at the edges, and some sleepers may find it to be overly hard. Don’t worry, though; we’ll go into more information on these specifics to assist you in making a wise choice.

Because of its superior firmness and potent contouring properties, the Bear Mattress is especially well-suited for back and stomach sleepers. To exactly suit your demands, it is also available in a variety of sizes. To ensure your happiness and peace of mind, Bear Mattress also provides a lifetime warranty and a 120-night trial period.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bear Mattress is a 2014-founded all-foam mattress company.
  • With a high-density foam support core and two comfort layers, it has an innovative structure.
  • Both stomach and back sleepers will benefit from the Bear Original’s excellent contouring and above-average hardness.
  • There have been reports of it drooping at the edges, while some sleepers may find it excessively firm.
  • There is a 120-night trial period and a lifetime warranty available with the Bear Mattress.

Bear Mattress Construction and Features

Bear Mattress provides a comfortable and supportive sleep experience with innovative materials and intelligent craftsmanship. Let’s find out what makes Bear Mattress special. Learn about the Duroflex Mattress’s durability and comfort for a restful night.

Celliant Wrap

Celliant cover absorbs body heat and converts it into infrared energy on the Bear Mattress. This novel technology boosts circulation and oxygen levels, helping you recover faster and wake up refreshed.

Layers of foam

Bear Mattress’s foam layers provide comfort and support. Gel-infused graphite memory foam on the top comfort layer relieves pressure and regulates temperature to keep you cool at sleep.

Transition polyfoam is added to gel-infused graphite memory foam. The increased padding and support from this layer ensures a comfortable sleep.

Strong Support Core

Bear Mattresses have high-density foam support layers. This layer stabilizes and keeps the mattress’s form and durability.

Firmness, Support

A medium-firm mattress, the Bear Mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers who like a firmer sensation. To balance your body and relieve pressure points, the foam layers and support core give excellent support.

The Celliant cover, foam layers, and high-density support core provide the Bear Mattress unparalleled comfort, support, and temperature regulation. Bear Mattress is designed to let back and stomach sleepers sleep well.

Bear Mattress Performance and Usability

Bear Mattress isolates motion well, which couples and light sleepers value. You and your companion can sleep uninterrupted since the mattress absorbs and reduces motion transfer. Due of its slightly increased responsiveness, some sleepers may notice limited motion transmission.

The Bear Mattress has average edge support. The mattress is stable, however sitting or sleeping on the edge may cause sinkage. People who use the bed edge should consider this.

A temperature-controlled design makes the Bear Mattress comfortable to sleep on. Open-cell memory foam and graphite gel-infusion disperse heat and regulate body temperature overnight. Hot sleepers benefit from this feature.

Bear Mattress is easier to move than other memory foam mattresses. The gel-infused memory foam and transition layer make nighttime movement and repositioning easier. Due to the foam layers’ suppleness, heavier sleepers may sink.

Unpacking Bear Mattress may cause off-gassing for a few days. This is common with foam mattresses and should fade fast. Proper room ventilation speeds up the process.

With its good motion isolation, edge support, temperature management, ease of mobility, and low off-gassing, the Bear Mattress offers a supportive and comfortable sleep.


Does Bear Mattress fit all sleepers?
The Bear Mattress is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. It may not be ideal for side sleepers who want a softer feel.

Does the Bear Mattress isolate motion?
The Bear Mattress isolates motion well, making it perfect for couples and light sleepers.

Bear Mattress edge support: how is it?
The Bear Mattress provides medium edge support and sinks when sitting or lying.

Does Bear Mattress sleep cool?
The Bear Mattress’s open-cell memory foam and graphite gel-infusion reduce heat retention compared to typical memory foam mattresses.

Can you move easily on the Bear Mattress?
Bear Mattress is more sensitive than conventional memory foam mattresses, making it simpler to move on.

Does the Bear Mattress off-gas?
Off-gassing is usual in the first few days after receiving Bear Mattress, but it fades rapidly.